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Top 10 Used Cars Under 2 Million KSH For Sale In Kenya


So, you have finally made probably one of the most significant decisions of your life, to buy a  car; so what exactly can you afford?


One of the most affordable way to go around it is to source for a used car or a pre-owned car if you may. The fact cannot be denied that cars have become a necessity over the years for both personal and business use.


However, before you go ahead and buy a used car in Kenya for sale, you need to have holistic comprehension about the used vehicles to get the best value for your money.

Used Cars Under 2 Million KSH For Sale In Kenya



In a market flooded with options to choose from, here are the most popular and affordable used cars Under 2 Million shillings for sale in Kenya.


1) Suzuki Swift GL


Suzuki Swift GL – Used car under 2 million KSH Kenya


The Suzuki Swift GL is one of Suzuki’s most appreciated machines since its launch.  Suzuki Swift GL introduces an entry-level petrol model. It is still in demand. 


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The car comes with a flat-bottom steering wheel, the quality of plastic is impressive and the layout will give you the feeling of modernism. The midnight blue color looks distinctive and help the car to stand out on the road. 



  •     Year – 2018
  •     Transmission – Automatic
  •     Fuel – Petrol
  •     Engine Size – 1200 cc
  •     Price – KSH 1,750,000


2) Mazda Demio


Mazda Demio - Used car under 2 million KSH


This particular Japanese beauty is among the best in class dynamically. The overall contours of the car add a touch of elegance while moving on the road. Mazda Demio is best suited for urban driving, but it can be taken for long distance now and then. The car is lightweight and has a small footprint than before. The steering is quick owing to which the car rides and handles impressively. The spare parts of this hatchback are easily available and all in all, this beauty offers a fun driving experience.


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  •      Year – 2011
  •      Transmission – Automatic
  •      Fuel – Petrol
  •      Engine Size – 1340 cc
  •      Special Price – KSH 740,000


3) Toyota Premio


Toyota Premio - second hand car under 2 million KSH


The second-hand car market in Kenya offers some of the best models money can buy, Toyota Premio is one of them. This is a strong mid-range car that successfully bridges the gap between Altis and Camry. The car is overloaded with features that make this car to stand out in its segments such as upholstery, wood trimmings, and much more.


This particular model comes with start/stop button which you only get to see in high-end cars. Floor it, and you will not be disappointed as the pickup has the punch and responsiveness will make you feel like you are over the moon.



  •      Year – 2006
  •      Transmission – Automatic
  •      Fuel – Petrol
  •      Engine Size – 1500 cc
  •      Special Price – KSH 700,000


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4) Toyota Ractis


Toyota Ractis - Used Cars for Sale in Nairobi


If you believe in love at first sight, then that is exactly what you are going to experience when you first lay your eyes on this beauty known as Toyota Ractis. Its subcompact design is responsible for its immense popularity across the globe. This family car comes loaded with great features and an impressive boot space.


Don’t be tricked by its shape, it is aptly spacious and the passengers will not complain as far as the leg room is concerned. You don’t have to be worried stick about the engine parts, suspension parts, and service parts as they are easily available at cost effective prices across Kenya.



  •      Year – 2011
  •      Transmission – Automatic
  •      Fuel – Petrol
  •      Engine Size – 1320 cc
  •      Special Price – KSH 915,000



5) Toyota Succeed


Toyota Succeed - Best Pre Owned Cars for Kenyans


The second-hand car market in Kenya has witnessed a quantum leap lately. You can choose from an extensive range of used cars such as – sedan, MUV, hatchback, crossover, coupe, etc. Toyota Succeed is one of the most sought after compact and stylish saloons in Kenya. It is the successor of the discontinued Toyota Platz sedan.


The car comes equipped with all the necessary safety features such as – front seat belt pretensioners, head restraints, airbags, side-impact airbags, and Anti-lock Braking System ( ABS). It has wide indoor space and roomy trunk space, making it an ideal family car. Being fuel efficient and having cost-effective maintenance are two of its features that give other cars a run for their money.



  •      Year – 2012
  •      Transmission – Automatic
  •      Fuel – Petrol
  •      Engine Size – 1490 cc
  •      Price – KSh 1,050,000


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6) Nissan Wingroad


Nissan Wingroad - Nissan Used Cars To Buy


Probably, one of the modish wagons that the money can buy. This particular model from Nissan embraces the feel of a wagon; in addition, slight off-road vibe makes the whole package worth investing in. Nissan Wingroad‘s functionality comprises of convenient features.


All seats of the car can be folded, except the driver’s one, with the help of a remote control. Its impeccable performance and efficiency offer an enjoyable driving experience. As far as safety features are concerned, there is SRS airbag feature and it is a certified as super ultra-low emission vehicle (SU-LEV). Its fuel consumption and the economy is the best in its class.


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  •      Year – 2011
  •      Transmission – Automatic
  •      Fuel – Petrol
  •      Price – KSh 860,000



7) Honda Fit


Honda Fit - Second Hand Cars for Sale



This is one car that does not need any formal introduction. Well admittedly, the car does not embrace a look that will turn heads, but that said, its interior strikes the right look. As far as the performance goes, it is fun to drive as compared to the other subcompacts.


Owing to its shape, there are no complaints as far as the legroom and headroom, in the backseat, is concerned. Flaunting a resilient body structure, full-length side-curtain airbags, antilock disc brakes, front-seat side airbags, Honda Fit 2011 is the safest car in its class.



  •      Year – 2011
  •      Transmission – Automatic
  •      Fuel – Petrol
  •      Engine Size – 1330 cc
  •      Special Price – KSh 920,000


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8) Subaru Impreza



Subaru Impreza - Best Selling Used Japanese Cars Kenya


This hatchback from Subaru is a unique amalgamation of impressive performance and safety, therefore proving a bang for your buck. Speaking of styling, the car possesses all the cuts and curves right where it is required, transforming it into a head-turner. With its long list of features, it easily surpasses its competitors, some of the modern features are – MP3 compatible sound system, 16-inch wheels, air-conditioning, keyless entry, fog lamps, and heated seats.


With its impressive suspension, you won’t feel any bump while cruising with your friends and family members. Subaru Impreza has a generous interior space and even a six-footer can casually unwind while traveling in it. This car is not just about glitz and glamour; it has a five-star rating for offering the best safety features as well. Besides, it also comes with a variety of customization options which helps in enhancing its features to suit your needs and lifestyle.



  •      Year – 2012
  •      Transmission – Automatic
  •      Fuel – Petrol
  •      Engine Size – 2000 cc
  •      Price – KSh 1,380,000



9) Toyota Auris


Toyota Auris - Top Used Cars To Buy


Toyota Auris is a great city car. The car is aptly spacious, there is enough legroom and headroom in the front, in the back two average-sized adults can be easily accommodated. The steering is evenly weighted, with the help of five-speed manual gearbox the engine works smoothly.


Besides, the car has soft suspension and easy clutch. Electronic stability control and anti-lock braking come standard. The fuel economy is by far the best, i.e. 29 mpg in the city conditions and 36 mpg on the highway.


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  •      Year – 2013
  •      Transmission – Automatic
  •      Fuel – Petrol
  •      Engine Size – 1500 cc
  •      Special Price – KSh 1,530,000



10) Toyota Wish


Toyota Wish - Used Cars in Great Condition



At first glance, this car is easily mistaken for Prius. If you are looking for pre-owned cars in Kenya, then you should check out Toyota Wish. The car can easily accommodate seven passengers, and with a shape like an MUV, it is surprisingly quick to accelerate. The car has a five-star rating for both driver and passenger protection.


Toyota Wish is known for impressive handling, this means it is capable of handling high-speed maneuvers with ease. Undoubtedly, this is a rewarding choice for all those who are looking for a family car.



  •    Year – 2012
  •      Transmission – Automatic
  •      Fuel – Petrol
  •      Engine Size – 1800cc
  •      Price – KSh 1,550,000


We hope this was helpful and we look forward to seeing you drive your car from Toyotsu Auto Mart Kenya, a trusted dealership within Kenya. Contact us today.

Various Factors Involved in Buying A Used Car In Kenya


So now that you have made yourself acquainted with the top used cars under 2 million KSH in Kenya, from our blog post, let us take you through a journey on how to successfully buy a used car in Kenya.


Pros and Cons of New or Used Cars in Kenya

The automotive market kenya is characterized by exceptional dynamism. Factories are offering more and more low-cost brands at attractive prices. This is causing renewed interest in new cars.



Topping the list is the budget. It’s imperative you make your move as per your budget and needs. You should take your time and determine what you ‘can’ spend and what you ‘should’ spend on a used car. It hardly makes any sense that just because you can afford it, it is a good option for you. The best way to find out is by conducting online research to make out what is actually in your budget.



Documents and Payments


When you are arranging all the required documents and clearing the payments, make sure you follow the right process. The Sales Agreement Contract should include your details and sign, a third-party witness, and the selling party.


Also, with the help of NTSA TIMS portal, the seller should initiate an Online Transfer of Ownership. Using the TIMS website, you, as a buyer, will have to pay the purchase tax and the transfer fees.



Imported or Locally Used


This is also one of the key elements you cannot overlook. You can opt for an imported second-hand car given that it is well within your budget with the added taxes. That said, you may have to wait for months before your car finally gets cleared through the ports.



For a locally used car, you will have to pay extra, but you have the advantage of laying your hands on your dream car immediately. Although, you have to conduct a thorough examination of the car or you can get it done by your mechanic as well. This needs to be done to ensure that the car is in good shape and does not require any repair work.



Check the Paperwork


It pays to be thorough with the paperwork. This will help you to own the car legally. If an organization or an individual is selling the car, it is a must to provide the proof of ownership by sharing a copy of the original Logbook.


Conducting an online search with the registration number of the cars will prove handy in acquiring the details that you can easily authenticate the information on the Logbook. This way you can be sure that the previous owner has paid the due fees and has not tampered the chassis and engine numbers.



An Insurance Policy


There are a plethora of insurance companies in Kenya that offer auto insurance policies. Make sure you take your time to compare these policies and choose the one that best suits you and your budget.



As per a survey it has been found that a lot of buyers, to save money, don’t opt for a policy, but little did they know that they are committing a big mistake. The costs of collisions and liability tend to double when you buy a used car in Kenya instead of a new model.



To Sum Up


The above-discussed information must have made you aware of the best used cars for less than 2 million shillings along with the vital information you should have to buy a used car in Kenya (This Used Car Buying Guide Kenya will definitely help you). Now, you can go ahead and make a smart decision for a car that best suits your needs and budget. Also know more about the best time to buy pre owned car in Kenya on our official blog.




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