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How To Reduce Fuel Consumption Of Your Used Car In Kenya?


A car is expensive; it’s a secret. We will see here some tips to reduce your impact on the environment and on your savings. Both are often linked. And you, what have you put in place to consume less?

The first step to save is already made, thanks to your decision to buy a used car. Your habit of saving money has just begun, and you can continue to do an excellent job of reducing your fuel costs.

Changing certain habits can significantly reduce fuel consumption of used car. By winning 1 L per 100 km, the savings can reach 250 KSh per year for a journey between 10,000 and 15,000 km.

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How to consume less fuel – Before leaving

  1. Be aware that if the air conditioning is consuming too much fuel, rolling open windows is even worse, at least on the highway. For one device as for the other, go for it sparingly.
  2. When the engine stops, avoid using electronic equipment, it uses the battery faster. Radio is an exception; its consumption is negligible.
  3. Check the tire inflation. Underinflated tires can increase fuel consumption by up to 5%. You can even add up to 0.2 bar.
  4. There is no point in traveling overloaded if it is not necessary. The higher the weight, the more you will consume. If you do not go with your mother-in-law on vacation, it’s not because you do not like it, it’s just to consume less and therefore preserve the environment.
  5. The roof bars seem harmless, but they break the aerodynamics. Better to dismount them if they are not used.
  6. Clean the air filter regularly, this can save up to 10% of fuel.


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How to consume less fuel – While driving

  1. Stop the engine during a stop if you stop the vehicle for at least one minute. For models equipped with a turbo, better wait for a little before switching off the ignition not to use it prematurely.
  2. Always go as high as possible to avoid over-consumption that leads to over-consumption and more polluting emissions. But be careful not to go to the opposite extreme, driving under-regime, it’s not right. A petrol engine consumes less at 2,000 rpm than at 1,500 rpm.
  3. Anticipate as much as possible, avoid sudden braking and dry acceleration. In addition, it’s more pleasant.
  4. Use engine braking where possible, downshifting instead of braking. This saves brake pads and discs; it’s no worse. Especially, since these devices reject harmful particles.
  5. Drive slightly below speed limits. The impact on consumption is strong and travel times are barely longer.


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Some practical tips on how to consume less fuel?

  1. If your mother-in-law wants to travel with you, refuse. You will save several tens of shillings that will be felt on your consumption.
  2. During a steep climb, do not hesitate not to accelerate too hard. By maintaining the same speed on a hill, fuel consumption can soar and be multiplied by two or three. Reduce the stress on the mechanism by slowing down the pace.
  3. Test the carpool. By experience, we can make beautiful meetings and it allows us to share the costs. And of course, to save fuel, it’s all good.
  4. The GPS allows to find the fastest route but sometimes also the most economical. An excellent way to save a few shillings.
  5. You can also try to find the cheapest gas station.


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Save fuel by shutting down the engine

The opportunities to save fuel in the used car by shutting down the engine are not lacking:

  • Red lights
  • In traffic jams
  • At the service station
  • While waiting for the children to leave school

Specifically, this trick is to turn off the ignition as soon as the stop exceeds 30 seconds. Moreover, this is the main advantage of cars equipped with Stop/Start technology.


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Adopt a flexible driving

Driving flexible allows saving fuel. The following tips are to remember:

  • Reduce your speed by 20 km/h (110 km/h instead of 130 km/h for example) to save almost 20% of fuel.
  • Change gears when the engine speed is between 2,000 and 2,200 rpm.
  • Enjoy the momentum of your car to stop (at a stop for example) without accelerating.
  • Accelerate gradually on starting and then stabilize the pressure on the pedal.
  • Downshift instead of braking when possible.


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Limit the use of equipment

Limiting the use of specific equipment in the car saves fuel. The following parameters must be taken into account:

  • Use of air conditioning increases the consumption of fuel by approximately 20%.
  • Driving a few minutes with the windows slightly open can refresh the cabin.
  • On the motorway, it is better to use the air conditioning so as not to disturb the aerodynamics of the used car by opening the windows.
  • Preheating the cabin for 5 minutes every day for 3 months (in winter) consumes the equivalent of a full tank.

You see, it’s not that hard to save fuel. You just have to drive your used car properly and you will not only save fuel but also save the planet.


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While buying a fuel-efficient used vehicle is an important step in reducing fuel costs, making sure the vehicle is well-maintained and properly driven can certainly help to improve fuel efficiency and reduce the burden on your pockets. You can buy a certified, well inspected used car for sale in Kenya from Toyotsu AutoMart, dealers of best-used cars in Kenya.

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