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Guide to Choose From Gas, Diesel, Hybrid, Electric Used Cars


As the world goes green to fight climate change and sustainable development is in everyone’s mouths, one might think that diesel and gasoline engines have had their days counted since the emergence of hybrid and electric cars. Yet, they are still the best solution for some motorists looking for used car for sale in kenya

Used Diesel Car Best for Commercial Purpose

Used Diesel Car kenya

Diesel has long been singled out. Although the Honda case further tarnished its image, the diesel engine was already in the cross hairs of environmental advocates and health professionals before this scandal broke out. The reason? The polluting and carcinogenic particles emitted by diesel engines.

That said, diesel cars are still the ideal option for both motorists and commercials, swallowing asphalt all year long. Even though the price differential at the pump has narrowed and despite its higher cost of purchase, diesel is still a bit cheaper than gasoline and diesel engines generally have a longer life.

If you are a big wheeler, turn to diesel and wait until the new alternatives have solved some of their problems.

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Petrol Used Cars Best for Low Maintenance Cost

low maintenance petrol used cars

Gasoline engines have been gaining popularity since diesel is attacked everywhere and pump prices are getting closer. A gasoline car is cheaper to buy than a diesel, and you have a greater choice when it comes to selecting the lucky winner. In addition, the insurance and maintenance of gasoline second hand cars in kenya  are less expensive.

However, the balance will only tip for you if you are a small rider, that is if you drive less than 20,000 km per year. If you drive around Kenya with a petrol engine all year round, the costs generated by consumption will become greater than the savings you make when you buy.

Good to know:

Petrol engines wear out faster than diesel engines. They, therefore, have a shorter lifespan but are easier and cheaper to maintain. If you follow the car maintenance tips, you can keeping your car In Good Condition.

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Is Buying a Used Hybrid Car Environmentally Friendly


Now that we have painted a portrait of both classic engines and highlighted their qualities as well as their flaws, you may think that perfection is on the side of hybrid cars. Unfortunately, driving a hybrid car does not really help save the planet. Industry analysts are therefore convinced that advances in automotive propulsion technology are shrinking.

Hybrid vehicles are equipped with two engines: an electric motor (battery) and a heat engine (diesel or gasoline). In agglomeration, you use the electric motor, which allows you to save money and emit no pollutant. By cons, when the speed increases, the engine engages to take over. You will understand: the hybrid car is ideal for driving in urban areas and for short distances, provided you do not press too hard on the accelerator.

In addition, the purchase price of a hybrid vehicle is still quite high because it is a young market. Used Japanese cars in Kenya have received an exceptional acceptance in Kenyan used car market over the years. Japanese cars maintain an excellent reputation throughout the Kenyan market, thanks especially for their long-term reliability & constancy.

Good to know :

If your car profile matches this type of car, you can turn to the used car market Toyotsu Auto Mart Kenya to ease your wallet.

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Reason Why Should I Buy a Second Hand Electric Motor Car

The electric car is the vehicle that receives the most praise from environmentalists. If the fight against global warming is more important to you than any other cause, this car is for you. However, be prepared to pay a certain amount, because your love for the environment has a price far from negligible.

Moreover, the electric car is very interesting for short distances but its autonomy still leaves something to be desired. Indeed, autonomy remains to this day one of the Achilles heels on which the manufacturers are currently looking.

To this problem of size are added those of the recharge time, judged often too long, and the deployment of the charging stations still far from being finished. Cars are like motorcycles, bicycles, smartphones and most objects: the benefits we derive from them depend on the use we make of them.

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Which Version of a Used Automobile Should I Buy – Petrol, Diesel or Electric

best time to negotiate a great deal on a used car

The type of fuel used for a car model can be a determining factor at the time of your choice: conventional fuel? Electric car? Hybrid?

For the sake of economy, pollution, ecology or even maintenance, the choice of a vehicle is more and more in relation to the fuel used, beyond its aesthetics.

Each fuel having its own advantages and disadvantages, it is sometimes difficult to make a choice. Below you will find the main advantages and disadvantages of the fuels available on the market.

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Should I Buy a Petrol Motor Vehicle Over Diesel

why to buy a used car in kenya

A Petrol engine (known as a gasoline engine in America) is a spark ignition internal combustion engine designed to run on Petrol and similar volatile fuels.

Petrol Used Car Advantages

  • Comfort in driving
  • The maintenance cost of petrol engines
  • The low sound volume of the engine

Petrol Motor Vehicle Disadvantages

  • Consumption is important
  • The price of fuel is high
  • Gasoline vehicles emit a lot of CO²

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Is Buying a Used Diesel Motor a Good Deal


If you own a truck or an SUV, the difference in gas mileage is generally lower but about 20% higher than that of a gasoline truck or SUV. It should be noted, however, that diesel fuel costs more than gasoline. A diesel engine consumes about 15% less than gasoline.

To save on fuel with a diesel engine, you just have to drive a lot. It is estimated that 20 000 km traveled per year on average make it possible to make a diesel profitable.

Diesel Used Motor Car Advantages

  • Low fuel consumption
  • A good rating for the resale of the vehicle
  • The price of fuel is lower than that of gasoline

Diesel Second Hand Car Disadvantages

  • The purchase price of the vehicle is more important than a gasoline vehicle
  • The maintenance costs of the vehicle are important
  • Release of nitrogen oxide that is harmful to the environment
  • The engine is more fragile

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Opt for an Electric Used Car – Is It Worth Buying

is it worth buying used car in kenya

The electric car is the cleanest four-wheeled vehicle on the automotive market. Much more economical than a gasoline car, it is ideally suited to the city with its top speed of 130 km/h. To operate the vehicle, you must charge it at a terminal that you will find everywhere in the city.

Electric Used Vehicles Benefits

  • Respect the environment
  • Silent vehicle

Electric Used Automotive Drawback

  • The cooldown is long
  • High battery prices
  • Low autonomy

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