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Checklist for Buying a Used Car in Kenya



We are all able to list the documents that are essential for buying a used car in Kenya. But in an emergency or in excitement, we forget everything.

We are all likely one day, in the heat of the moment, to skip at least one of the basic precautions. However, no sprain is allowed. Therefore, during a transaction, stay on your guard, whether with a professional or with an individual. In particular, it is imperative to review the documents required for the transaction.

In case you have only one of the following failures, turn on your heels.

Documents & Checklist for Buying a Used Car in Kenya

Documents Required to Sell a Used Vehicle in Kenya

There are several documents & checklist for buying a used car in kenya. This document is officially called “Certificate of clearance status” and is mandatory when selling a used vehicle.


Dated less than fifteen days, it ensures you to be able to transfer the Registration Certificate to your name. An unpaid credit and the vehicle is pledged until the seller pays off his debt (or the buyer).


In some situations, if filing a complaint is possible, there is little chance that it will succeed. And the most suspicious will not be satisfied with the NOC provided by the seller, which can be easily falsified.


Check yourself before rushing, you will have the SOA (State of The Art Kenya) certificate on the day. Unpaid credits can fall overnight and block the Registration Certificate. Think about it.

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What Should I Check Before Buying a Used Car in Kenya

To sign a sale without knowing the history of the DNA self is to get out of trouble. Evidence, you say, but on the ground, is sometimes neglected. But history is the only way to ensure that the car has been well maintained and no bad surprises await you.


Service book and invoices will attest to its good follow-up according to the recommendations of the manufacturer (revisions made in due time, in particular) and possible repairs. Otherwise, go your way. And do not settle for a statement from the seller about, for example, the replacement of the timing belt, without supporting evidence.


Also, note the falsified history. It is now easy to print fake invoices. Do not hesitate to call the garage to check.


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Used Vehicle Technical Inspection Checklist

used vehicle technical inspection checklist

In the same way, do not engage without having in your hands the report of the technical control. It is mandatory for any vehicle older than 4 years and must be dated less than 6 months from the date of the signing of the sale (or, more exactly, at the date of the application for registration).


It informs you about the condition of the car (excluding the engine and gearbox), the safety elements (brakes, steering etc.) and allows you to be alerted about a possible anomaly. The seller is not obliged to perform the work that could be annotated, but at least, thanks to these minutes, you sign with full knowledge of the facts.


If he does not have it, or if he just gives you a bill from the control center, promises to send it to you, or offers to send it to you, refuse or you will end up with a long list of mandatory repairs and a missing salesman in the wild.


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Car History Check & Vehicle Report Kenya

Car History Check & Vehicle Report in Kenya

Faced with many scams, even the most cautious of you are not immune to being fooled. Be even more vigilant, if everything suggests that you are doing the deal of the century. Before you commit, a simple phone call may save you the mistake of your life (you were about to buy a stolen vehicle, or accidental).


Take the vehicle serial number and contact the manufacturer’s headquarters. You will be able to know the true history of the vehicle and to buy – or not – in full knowledge of the facts.


NTSA : Motor Vehicle Search & Inspection

The NTSA saves you time in your efforts. You can:

  • Know the list of documents required for any transaction.
  • Download printouts (certificate of assignment, application for new registration).


=> Check that the car is not pledged, using items to ask the seller (also to do it with him before signing, to verify that the certificate of non-pledge that you provide and has printed itself is not a forgery): number and date of registration appearing on the Registration Certificate, date of first registration, name and first name of the holder. You can then print the document, or retrieve it from a terminal in the prefecture, or at the counter.


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Checklist for Buying a Second Hand Car Nairobi

It is imperative to try a car before buying it. If you deal with an used car dealer kenya, you will have no problem getting behind the wheel. On the other hand, an individual may show some reluctance by claiming an insurance problem or fear of theft, and in this case, go your way.


When starting, remember to check the exhaust fumes:

  • Blue smoke means the wear of an engine that consumes too much oil.
  • White smoke indicates the presence of water vapor, which may reveal a worn cylinder head gasket.
  • Black smoke is less of a concern as the engine may simply be out of order or dirty.


Then, it is essential to make sure that there is not too much lag between when you turn the wheel and when the wheels turn. If so, it may be a sign of the wrong direction.


When you start, pay close attention to engine noise which must be regular. If you hear knocking noises, this may be the result of internal play between parts, which can lead to the degradation or even the breakage of the parts.


Likewise, hearing clicks at the wheels when you steer may indicate a failure of the gimbals or suspension arms. A high whistle in the engine may also be suspicious. It can translate a rolling bearing and the timing belt can release, causing irreparable damage (valves and pistons) in the engine.


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Checklist for Buying a Second Hand Motor Car Without a License

Checklist for Buying a Second Hand Motor Car Without a License

The price of the used car without a license is generally lower on the ad sites, from private to individual than at a dealership. However, the cars are not necessarily revised before being put on sale. They may have been damaged or present hidden defects, without the seller notifying the purchaser.


The main benefit of certified pre owned cars in kenya, remains its price. However, the cost of maintenance can quickly fly away if you come across a vehicle with make-up defects.


When you decide to buy a car without a used license via the Internet, you must be vigilant, do not hesitate to move to inspect the vehicle from top to bottom and try it. You must take a professional along with you who will be able to detect the slightest defect.


In all cases, you must ask for the purchase invoice, the different maintenance invoices, and note the name. To get your most reliable used car you can visit Toyotsu Auto Mart, we are the dealer of certified second-hand cars in Kenya.